About Us

KARFast Pharma for medicines and medical supplies is one of the most important operating companies In the field of health care in Yemen, it is considered the leader in the field of selling and distributing medicines and devices Medical and other medical supplies. KARFast Pharma was established in 2005in YEMEN KARFast Pharma today represents the best Yemeni company The company witnessed growth and expansion in its business, which reflected positively on its overall activities thanks to the methods used in managing it according to a vision that aims to improve the overall performance of the company according to an institutional building that achieves professional excellence on the basis of a greater commitment to professional principles and ethics.


KAR aspires to become the market leader by joining hand with innovative and reliable suppliers and making available quality and affordable medicines that would significantly improve people’s life in our country.


To transform the lives of people afflicted by devastating diseases and conditions by providing quality medicines at affordable prices, with the ultimate goal of creating meaningful value in everything we do.


Professional Team - Proficient Management - Our Partners - Credit and Trust - Vast Knowledge and Experience - Passion to Grow - Standard of Quality and Service

Our Partners

Zeta Pharma is fast-growing Egyptian company that was established in 2010 to represent an added value in the pharmaceutical industry.

Zeta Pharma had a well selected and unique product portfolio in all therapeutic areas.

Zeta Pharma Has started its marketing activities in 2015 on the products for Hepatitis C Virus (Sofocivir, Zetaciver & Sofocivir Plus).

In collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Egyptian Liver Research Institute, ZETA PHARMA® has managed to treat more than 60,000 patients with healing rates 95 % similar to those of the global rate.

Our Partners


We have a professional team of personnel led by wise and experienced senior management. Our team is so ambitious and well trained.
Curiosity, inventiveness, and a passion for excellence. These are qualities that drive our people to reach the excellency and be market leaders.
Our people receive continues learning programs to help them face the market challenge and become market expertise .

Aden Branch

  • Khor Makser 4 saktry street
  • 02-263884

Taiz Branch

  • Jamal Abdul Nasser street
  • 04-564550

Dhamar Branch

  • Sana'a street main road .
  • 06-822721

Sa'dah Branch

  • Shar main road.
  • 07-429662

Amran Branch

  • Education street.
  • 07-4116229

Hodeidah Branch

  • 50th Street near Yemeni circle.
  • 03-526211

Ibb Branch

  • Alodan street in front of Ibb hotel.
  • 04-540098

Bayda Branch

  • Radah Street .
  • 06-311232